15                                  HISTORY OF THE SEVENTY-EIGHTH REGIMENT O.V.V.I.

him, which would not be difficult for a large man to do. He is an efficient officer, highly respected and esteemed by his men, genial, affable and pleasant in his manners, and disposed to take things as good naturedly as circumstances will permit.

           Amos Norman, Second Lieutenant, is a young man known more by what he does than what he promises to do. Portly in appearance, strong will and full of energy, and ambitious to discharge his duty faithfully. A man bound to grapple fearlessly with difficulties, and finally succeed. He is a very efficient officer.

           The following are the names of the non-commissioned officers and enlisted men of the original organization:


1. Geo. W. Porter
2. Adolphus W. Search
3. Andrew McDaniel
4. Joseph R. Miller
5. Thomas S. Armstrong


1. David Sherrard, jr.
2. James M. Thompson
3. Fenton Bagley
4. James H. Gander
5. Henry S. Axline
6. Lewis W. Rusk
7. Benjamin F. Scott
8. Harrison Varner
Charles H. Bunker, Musician; Corydon R. Wiles, Wagoner


Austin, Randolph C.
Bentley, William
Besser, W. H.
Black, Samuel M.
Bell, Clements
Baker, Joseph H.
Beardslee, George W.
Cooper, George W.
Corder, Lewis
Cherry, John
Carson, James W.
Crooks, Henry
Clugston, Thomas
Curtis, Enoch
Crouse, James P.
Crosby, Nelson D.
Cooper, Asaph
Dutro, Samuel H.
Dickson, Andrew
Dilts, Robert S.
Drone, Henry
Drumm, Isaac
Dickson, Samuel
Edwards, David
Fountain, William
Francis, Andrew
Fulkerson, Wm.
Bagus, Henry C.
Bugh, David
Besser, William
Gander, John T.
Gardner, Hamline
Goulding, Samuel N.
Hart, Christopher
Henderson, James
Horne, Daniel, jr.
Innis, William
Jones, John E.
Jones, Henry C.
Knight, Monroe
Knight, Charles
Kincade, Anthony
Lewis, Samuel
Loy, George W.
Larrison, David
Melick, James P.
Myers, James H.
Myers, Lewis E.
Miller, Branson S.
Miller, William F.
Moore, John T.
Mills, Andrew J.
Moore, Lewis
Brelsford, Amos H.
Barrell, Charles
Baird, John T.
Norman, Amos
Osmond, Joseph
Powell, James M.
Roberts, Charles
Roberts, Leroy A.
Stoneburner, Elijah
Spring, John W.
Suttles, Benjamin
Simpson, James
Shiplett, William
Skinen, John
Sniff, Alva B.
Sims, John R.
Skinen, Owen
Varner, Francis M.
Varner, John M.
White, Robert J.
Wilson, Solomon
Weaver, William H.
White, William J.
Weaver, John
Younger, Jacob
Younger, William C.

Of the above the following have been killed in action:

John T. Moore
Lewis Moore
John Skinen
Benjamin F. Scott
Asaph Cooper
near Columbia, S. C.
Canton, Miss.
     "         "
Atlanta, Ga.
Champion Hills, Miss.


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